Manofar® ingredients are of the highest quality,
and much more intense and efficient
than in comparable products.


L-arginine  is an extremely useful amino acid. L-arginine stimulates the secretion of nitrogen oxide. Nitrogen oxide relaxes the muscular tissue in the penis, stimulates the blood flow in the penis and helps to get an erection. Generally, L-arginine is supposed to have several positive effects on the human body, from improving fertility, building up muscles, stimulating the natural excretion of growth hormone to treating dementia.


Paullinia Cupana seed extract or Guarana is an evergreen growing in Venezuela and north Brazil. Its seeds are an herbal stimulant similar to caffeine only much stronger. In comparison with caffeine Guarana has a longer-lasting effect, as its seeds are fatty and not water-soluble, which is why the body absorbs them more slowly enabling a more intensive and longer effect. Primarily, Guarana is popular on account of its stimulating effects. It can have beneficial effects on the large intestine, reducing symptoms of inflammatory diseases and intestinal processes. It is also a diuretic that helps in the treatment of urinary tract infections, diarrhea, painful menstrual periods and headache.



Lepidium meyenii root powder or Maca is a plant with a very long tradition in South America (Peru, the Andes). The plant mainly influences the circulatory system, stimulating the blood flow in the penis and improving sexual performance. People living in the Andes have been using it for centuries to treat impotence and infertility.



Rhodiola rosea extract, an herb also known as "golden root”, predominantly grows in colder areas of our planet (Arctic, Siberia). Rhodiola rosea protects the organism against stress, tension and strengthens power and endurance. It functions adaptogenically, as it soothes and stimulates the organism at the same time. As an herbal antioxidant it protects cells against free radicals and quick changes that happen as the organism gets older. It reduces recovery time after intense exercise. It also stimulates normal blood flow, providing s positive effect on the brain and male erectile function. It is also beneficial for the mental process and strengthens cognitive abilities.


Zingiberis Officinale root extract.The popular spice known as ginger is highly established in alternative and traditional Chinese medicine. Ginger is a natural remedy, which has digestion-promoting properties, soothes abdominal cramps, improves blood circulation, as it prevents the formation of blood clots and helps alleviate problems with the vascular system. Ginger encourages vascular dilation, stimulates blood flow, thereby boosting erection.


Turnera Diffusa powder extract. Damiana is a plant native to USA, Mexico and parts of tropical areas of Central and South America and Africa. It is a small shrub that grows 1-2 m high. In summer, the shrub produces yellow flowers, followed by fruits with a sweet aroma. Its leaves are used as an aphrodisiac and for enhancing libido in men and women. Its magical properties have been discovered already by the native Indians, particularly the Maya peoples, who appreciated this truly aromatic herb as a potion for treating sexually related problems, from impotence to infertility, and for boosting libido.



Sorbitol is a natural sweetener. This sugar substitute has a wide range of uses. In food industry it is used as a sweetener, flavour enhancer and preservative. It is also increasingly used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.


Glucose syrup is syrup for food obtained by mixing glucose powder and water in a 1 : 1 ratio, by bringing the water to a boil and then adding sugar to it by spoons.
All ingredients are of the highest quality,and much more intense and efficient than in comparable products. This makes Manofar® the number one choice for most men with erectile dysfunction.